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What is MapAll?

MapAll is the first complete system to track the build and maintenance of fibre optic networks. 

Connects the customer faster

Using MapAll increases Workforce efficiency which ultimately leads to faster delivery.

Monetize your network fully

MapAll identifies unused infrastructure on your network. Use MapAll to audit undocumented historical infrastructure.

Full Network Analytics

Access multiple KPIs about every aspect of your network and projects.

Timelines & predictions

Understand when your projects will be completed & easily plan for any future builds.

Eliminates Paper Trail

MapAll is a fully cloud based, digital system - removing the need for paper based documents in the network build, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Improve the speed & efficiency of your network build

Close the loop between design & implementation. Real time build & issue reporting.

Maintenance & Faults

Manage the day to day running of your network. MapAll alerts you to issues & helps you to identify the root cause. Respond to customers faster.

Increased Productivity

Allow your engineers to carry out works more efficiently from both a time & cost perspective. MapAll reduces the cost per metre of cable install.

Features of MapAll

devices showing interface


MapAll is a fully audited secure encrypted system. Operator data is stored in its own standalone database.

iOS & Android

Engineers use simple and easy to use iOS & Android apps to report all work. Works offline.

Management web portal

Manage projects, Commission works, Respond to problems, Full reports. View your complete network down to fibre level.


Record full details & schematics - including all cable IDs, cable size, ducts, number of tubes and fibre counts.

Customize work flows

Easily customize your work flows, according to your requirements.

System Integration

Integration with common operator and network planning systems, to ensure that the network is up to date.

Full support package

Full support available.


MapAll is a full GIS system that is hosted in the Cloud or Operator NOC.

Enhance Your Workflows

MapAll closes the loop between design & implementation.

Operators use a variety of network planning systems to design their network. There is no complete system to track the actual build, all of the stakeholders in the build and issues as they occur throughout the build. Implementation can deviate from plan and this is often not accurately recorded.

MapAll allows you to accurately track the location of every duct, cable, fibre and joint as well as the status and completion dates of each project and historical records of all changes made to each asset. MapAll is fully paperless and can integrate with existing operator processes and systems providing a single system to build, maintain and run your networks.


Planning Tools

Operators use various planning tools to plan the network. The actual build can vary from plans & may not be recorded

Use MapAll to...

  • Track all works carried out
  • Automatically keep all network plans up to date with build


Operators ingest design plans into several software systems to build out project plans & job packs

Use MapAll to...

  • Create all project details & plans
  • Assign & track all projects & works


Projects & job packs sent to subcontractors & engineers - a paper trail process. No full oversight of process until completion forms returned

Use MapAll to...

  • Track Project status, receive live updates & maps from crews on site and monitor completion dates
  • Respond to issues in real time

Works Completed

Once completed Engineers submit paper “as-built” with paper maps

Use MapAll to...

  • Receive accurate maps & details of the actual build. Approve Jobs & Projects
  • bar-graphReceive detailed reports & analytics on Projects
Operational Costs Savings
Time Savings
Efficiency Increase
Paper Saving

MapAll Products

MapAll is built around a proprietary Core system designed especially for Telecoms that allows us to build various modules around it. The core is always licensed with the module purchased. It is a simple process to add more modules. MapAll is designed to also integrate with existing Operator Systems. We are constantly updating the list of modules available.

MapAll Core

Emergency Response System

Fully monitored & managed emergency response system, with a full view of suppliers SLA’s & realtime view of faults. Generate reports of all incidences. Integrates with dispatch systems.

MapAll Build

An intuitive user interface giving engineers & project managers the ability to record every aspect of the installation process, transfering updates to the main platform in real-time.

Asset 1sync


Sync with pre-existing planning tools or network details - to update their systems with the latest information and maps.

+ More products to follow

Latest News & Updates

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Connected Britain 2020. Participate with MapAll in this great event.

With a significant change caused by Covid-19 worldwide, the awards this time will be broadcast live.

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