Connected Britain 2023. Participate with MapAll in this great event.

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This year, we’re excited to join our colleagues for another year of Connected Britain from 20th-21st September. The Connected Britain is a 3-day event that brings the main heads of the market together to address current issues such as Digital Transformation within companies, 5G and the role of digital infrastructure in delivering the future of education.

Our invitation for you to join MapAll at Connected Britain

High-capacity digital infrastructure is reshaping the world and we have seen this in a much more intense way in recent years.

In all sectors, in the economy and in society, everything is changing as technology plays an increasingly critical role. And the foundation of all this change is new, faster connectivity powered by broadband technologies, including fiber and 5G.

If you want to better understand the regulatory and financial landscape for investments in digital infrastructure in the UK, participating in Connected Britain event can provide you with many insights and a lot of current information.

Through conversations with experts, discover a renewed focus on the broader implications of the UK Digital Strategy for the telecommunications industry and how the UK can face emerging challenges to become a leading player in the digital revolution.

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