FTTH Conference 2022 – 23-25 May Vienna


Another wonderful opportunity for MapAll to showcase our new technology at the FTTH conference.

The FTTH Conference is the largest fibre-related summit in the world, it brings together business and innovation leaders in the telecommunication’s industry.

With 3,300+ participants from 100+ countries, the FTTH Conference is great place to share information and learn about what challenges face this industry in the future.

During the three-day event, over 150 leading speakers will share their experience and know-how about FTTH and other end-to-end fibre enabled technologies & solutions.
As members of the FTTH council, MapAll is ready offer our solution to the European community.

“Looking forward to unveiling our latest ground breaking technology updates to our friends and partners in Berlin” – Martin D’Costa – COO – MapAll

Building fibre networks? You need to MapAll.