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Future Networx optimising their real-time data capture with MapAll Build 2.0


About Future Networx

Future Networx (Future) provide an end-to-end project management service and are industry experts in network planning and design infrastructure build and civils activities. They support the timely switchover to a new full fibre network by designing and planning efficient, cost effective networks, fit for the future. As full fibre networks are rolled out more customers will experience the full benefits of the technology. Future Networx have worked with various clients such as Openreach, Virgin, Toob, Voneus, Airband and Circet UK.

The Challenge

Future were using a generic mobile forms application to deploy networks for their clients, with manual progress report and status updates. The capture of this information and additional build blockages and defects on the Openreach PIA network was time consuming and inefficient for all staff and subcontractors.

Each mobile form took around an hour to complete in the field. There were constant issues with version control any time new fields needed to be added to the mobile forms. Back at the office, the data captured on the mobile forms needed to be transferred onto an A55 form – as required by Openreach and submitted to the Client for submission introducing another trackable data set for progress and approvals.

During the blockage clearance works, Future faced similar problems of needing to complete field based forms where the data needed to be manipulated in the back office into the relevant format to submit to the client for as build reporting causing further administration resource requirements and further cross referencing of works and tracking causing further build delays.

The Benefits of using MapAll

With a simple onboarding and training for crews within a two week period, MapAll Build was rolled out to capture live as built information which could be relayed back to the office in real time, with PMs able to assign new jobs to crews direct to their mobile devices. 

A55 and as-built forms created using MapAll are of such a high standard the clients are able to submit the reports generated straight to the PIA portal reducing data and formatting requirements increasing the end-to-end process efficiency and reducing the resource requirements for PIA data management improving the clients potential to earn PTC (Path to Collaboration).

With all data and project programming now been held centrally in one location being able to provide accurate real time build reports is imperative in forming strong working relationships with the clients showcasing the ability of Future Networx to program and build in line with the clients expectations consistently. 

Producing final As-built documentation at the click of a button for a complete project area giving PIA compliant box to box diagrams and all evidence photos has been a massive benefit for both Future and our clients reducing the time and efforts to upload reams of pictures and information into multiple SharePoint folders and systems.

MapAll has provided Future Networx with:

  • Real time as built reporting to clients
  • More effective crew scheduling to build areas 
  • Great oversight of live network progress
  • Efficient as built reporting 
  • Reduction in administration resource
  • Efficient tools to manage client expectations
  • Accurate data


Improvement in project efficiency


Efficiency improvement of As-built reporting


The MapAll Build 2.0 solution including modules for Design, Survey, Build and Blockages reporting has optimised real time data capture. It is designed specifically for the fibre industry, unlike generic mobile forms apps. As a result of the accuracy and efficiency gains provided by MapAll, Future has seen a 20% improvement of project efficiency across all build functions and as high as a 70% efficiency improvement of As-built reporting, data submission and reporting.

With the overall project visibility and real time reporting enabling crews and projects statuses to be invoiced against weekly, with reporting to evidence the As-built network vs planned design to offer a true audit for future network maintenance and valuation.

Building fibre networks? You need to MapAll.